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Magic Stuff all-natural skin, pain, and healing balms

About Magic Stuff Shelley Gish has been in the field of being healthy for as long as she can remember. She thought she had tried absolutely everything that could remove pain fast. These reliefs came usually in the form of pills, capsules, powders, and creams. They worked ok, but none of them were great! She tried to help herself and her family to find relief from muscle pain relief after ball games, foot pain relief after a long day in a concrete floor warehouses, heel pain relief after a run, or relief for migraines and menstrual cramps. She was often frustrated that she could never find long lasting pain relief, or a solution that helped as much as she wanted.

One day by accident she was driving around St. George, Utah and happened upon a store called "The Healing Herb" and walked in to take a look around. She started reading the flyers she found and became ecstatic with the information she found. They offered solutions to the pain relief that Shelley was looking for!

She started to pick up containers one by one and read the ingredients. She became even more thrilled when she read that all the products were all natural skin products that had the ability to provide long lasting pain relief for any muscle area of the body. The entire store had the wonderful aroma of herbs and oils, and the energy there was tangible.

Shelley then met the owner, Jerry Stone. He was an older gentleman who started to tell her the history of "Magic Stuff", and how he got the recipes for these amazing all natural muscle pain relieving products.

It seemed that Jerry had had arthritis ever since his youth, and could never find lasting relief. This lead to Jerry and his friends trying to create a remedy on their own. Everyone in the group had backgrounds in oils and herbs, so they started to work and they worked hard. They mixed and tried different combinations, and it took a lot of time to finally get the perfect all natural blend. The final product was a smooth, easy to apply balm, combined with an all natural bees wax base that finally brought Jerry the relief that he needed.

As soon as Jerry shared his magical formula with his friends and family, they wanted to try it. Thus Jerry's little business was born! He started with a single formula, and now has many!

Time has passed, and the main players have changed, but Jerry and the incredible pain relieving balm has become even more well known. It is now used by thousands of people across the United States and Canada. All types of sports teams, chiropractors, CNA's, massage therapists, physical therapists, and regular people like you and I love the many formulas that Jerry has created.

Four of the balms are for pain relief. They contain many essential oils, which makes them extremely useful. Each balm is identified by a letter to make it easier.

Magic Stuff K, is for kids and the more sensitive adults. It may offer relief from any kind of mild pain, anxiety, upset stomach, congestion, and illness.

Magic Stuff M, is the master formula. It is often called "Mom's first aid kit in a jar". It may be effective on many types of muscle pain, headaches, foot pain, and it may offer relief from itches. Magic Stuff M contains a lot of birch oil, and is the best formula for anything that has to do with bones. Whether it be a broken toe, or cracked ribs Magic Stuff M is your best solution from our products.

Magic Stuff H is for heat! it is the heat formula, and is a favorite among those with old unhealed injuries or chronic pains. Magic Stuff H is also extremely useful for warming up before a physical event. You may feel a warm heating sensation that warms the application area which can bring deep relief in a hurry. As your body warms up to the formula, or from your physical event, this all natural pain reliever may help cool down the area and helps keep you cool for many hours to come. This means Magic Stuff H is enjoyed by the older generation, as well as many athletes that perform across the US.

Magic Stuff A is the most powerful. That is to say it may bring you a powerful punch of muscle pain relief. It can quickly become ice cold, which can bathe any over worked and irritated sore muscle, limb, tendon, or joint in a fast pain relieving recovery. No ice required! A hematoma may be stopped in its tracks after a blow from a tumble or ball. The goal is to reduce inflammation as soon as possible, thus pain relief so fast you may not feel the pain! Magic Stuff A was formulated specially for the use immediately after an injury, and as the best cool down product formula for after any athletic events, or muscle exhaustion. Menstrual cramps and migraines, can become a distant memory with Magic Stuff A.

All of the healing balms may have a cumulative affect, and that is because of the essential oils. Essential oils may work on pain relief, but can also work on healing injuries of all kind and have a lot of support across the globe! Each Magic Stuff balm has an essential oil with a matching letter, and these essential oils can be used to aid in the healing process. All of the Magic Stuff all natural pain and healing products do not spoil, and they last a long time too!

We also carry skin care formulas that are all natural and may help with any type of problem with the skin. They also contain essential oils, but have many other natural ingredients as well.

SofSkin, is actually the mildest of the formulas for the skin. It can be used on any area of skin that is chapped, rough, cracked, or irritated. This may bring wonderful results on your heels and feet, elbows, knees, and hands! Any of the skin formulas can be used anywhere on the body, and are mild enough to use on children and babies.

Body Butter, happens to be a rich emollient that bathes the application area with wonderfully scented moisture, that may help with any dry body area. Skin may be relieved from creepy look as it ages, on upper chest and arms. After taking a hot shower or even shaving, Body Butter is a truly great product to apply to moisturize your skin. May leave your skin soft and dewey, all the while smelling wonderfully. May last all day.

Renuzit, a balm with a hint of citrus. Renuzit has been used on cellulite, stretch marks, scars, dark spots, and some types of skin tags. It can work great for removing your makeup, skin renewal, and for lines and wrinkles.

Skin3X, is the strongest formula in the all natural skin care product line that we carry, which seems apparent from its name. It may work three times harder than the other formulas on the affected areas where it is applied. The price is a little higher than the rest, but it really is worth every penny. From surgery scars, to dark spots and unsightly growths, skin tags, and terrible skin rashes it has been used on basically everything! Has been acclaimed to help rebuild skin after a shingles flare up, and to heal acne scarred skin, and heal burn scarred skin. It has also been used on skin cancer spots before and after surgery to heal and replenish the damaged area. May also be used in personal areas as well for chaffing, hemorrhoids, rashes and other skin irritations.

These incredible products have passed the test of time and testimonials are still pouring in from all of the country as customers love Magic Stuff and share them with friends and family.

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