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19 health benefits of Bee Propolis

Did you know that bees actually make more than just honey? They make some stuff called propolis. It is basically the glue that hold stuff together in their hive. The use of bee propolis for us humans actually is beyond beneficial. Propolis actually has up to 300 different active compounds. It is a healing balm, and that is why it is in almost every Magic Stuff product!

Bees make propolis by flying around and gathering resin from pine trees and other similar evergreen trees. The bees then mix the resin with flakes of wax and pollen, and take it back home to the hive. They then use the newly made propolis to seal cracks, patch holes, and build panels in their hive.

Propolis does more than just help the bees architecturally. It creates an antiseptic barrier that protects their home from contamination and from invaders. Propolis comes from Greek, and literally means “defense of the city”. Bees coming from hives with more propolis actually have less bacteria in their systems than bees from other hives. Here are 19 benefits of Bee Propolis for humans.

1. A Natural Anti-Microbial Action

The overuse of antibiotic drugs among other things has lead to antibiotic resistance. Which is know to be an increasingly growing problem in today's world. It isn't just a concern in the US, it has reached a global level of concern. The World Health Organization has stated that if changes aren't made soon, we could easily have a world where diseases that were once easily taken care of by modern medicine run rampant. Thus, people have been warned to carefully use antibiotics and to use alternatives unless they are facing a fire emergency.

Based on research, propolis may actually be one the best alternatives. This comes from its amazing antibiotic properties that are effective against a lot of different types of bacteria, even staph! James Green, an herbalist said, “These properties work to raise the body's natural resistance to disease by stimulating and rejuvenating the body's own immune system. The saliva becomes activated by the resins, and as the saliva is continually swallowed it efficiently distributes the antimicrobial components of the propolis throughout the throat and adjacent areas.”

The University of Heidelberg in Germany tested propolis in the fight against many different disease causing bacteria. Those bacteria include: vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium (VRE), MRSA, Streptococcus pyogenes, and Candida albicans. After only six hours of taking the extract, propolis actually stopped the activity of the bacteria pyogenes. Pyogenes causes difficult skin infections and step throat. The german researchers also found that propolis also helped against MRSA and inhibited Candida.

2. Propolis Can Heal Burns

A study in 2002 form the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine discovered that propolis promotes healing when applied to minor burns. The study held a comparison of propolis vs silver sulfadiazine, which is a modern drug used to treat burns on the body. The amazing results from the study showed that bee propolis was just as effective as the modern drug when treating second-degree burns.

3. Protects Against Dental Cavities

Ancient Roman and Greek physicians used propolis as a mouth disinfectant. Could you imagine them trying to “borrow” some propolis without a bee suit! Recent research shows that bee propolis can be effective when treating gingivitis and periodontitis. Other studies have shown that propolis is useful against bacterial plaque as well as tooth cavities. There have even been reports of propolis helping regenerate dental pulp, bone tissue, and cartilage.

4. Propolis Fights Parasites

Recent trials have shown that propolis may even eliminate parasites. In a study the people who took propolis had a 60% rate of success of eliminating giardiasis.

5. The Removal of Warts

A three month, single-blind, random trial with 135 patients with all sorts of warts were administered echinacea, propolis, or a placebo. The International Journal of Dermatology picked up the results. The patients who took propolis had an average cure rate of 74% and faired much better than the patients who took the placebo or echinacea.

6. Helps with Genital Herpes

Phytomedicine published a study where propolis was much more effective than a common drug when administered to treat genital herpes. During a test period of 10 days, 90 women and men with genital herpes applied a placebo, propolis, or acyclovir. They then did this four times a day.

At the end of the study 80% of the patients using propolis were healed, 46% using the drug, and only 40% of the placebo patients were healed.

7. Bee Propolis Discourages Infection

Studies have been done using propolis against many different dangerous microbes, and the results that were reached suggest that propolis is very useful against aggressive bacteria. Propolis can have varied strength depending on the hive it came from, but luckily its protective benefits are constant. One of the reasons for such variableness is the wide range of flavonoids that can be contained in propolis.

8. Immune System Boost

Your body's immune system has a crucial role in sustaining your vitality and health. The immune system is our body's protection against infection from disease. If your immune system is weak you are much more susceptible to catching a disease or getting sick. This can lead to cancer or other life threatening conditions.

When an immune system is in deterioration, cells start to degenerate. This process may be slowed by infusing the immune system with helpful compounds just like propolis that are high in flavonoids. The way propolis works is that it promotes the regeneration of cells, and supports the immune system with the cell building flavonoids that it carries.

Numerous studies concur with the above mentioned results. A simple example is the research done in Brazil. In the continual battle of finding a remedy for candida albicans, a fungus brought on by yeast overgrowth, the scientists determined that bee propolis inhibits the growth of Candida, and also has the potential to stimulate the immune system to respond to the resultant infestation.

Propolis was even used in ancient civilizations, like the Egyptians. They found that it was useful when used to heal bruises, cuts, and other similar wounds. Modern science also has proven such facts. In 2009 a study was published in the Wound Repair and Regeneration magazine that showed that the application of propolis on rodents with wounds from diabetes greatly accelerated the healing process.

9. Healing of Nail Infections

The use of propolis has been tested in labs against fungal nail infections. The results found that propolis had a greater range of protection compared to the leading pharmaceutical alternative. The pharmaceutical met resistance with seven types of the fungi, and propolis had issues with not one.

10. Propolis helps with Blood Sugar

Millions of people have diabetes. Most people have to approach diabetes with a life long prospective, and receive injections of insulin and medication. It has been show through studies that propolis may be able to inhibit enzymes that are known to increase blood sugar. The believed reason behind this is the antioxidant compounds that are contained in propolis.

11. Cancer Fighter

This is the wildest of claims that users of propolis have, but the ancient people of Assyria used propolis to inhibit the growth of tumors. Modern research suggests this practice might have promise. The Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAPE) compounds that are found within propolis have shown useful in hampering the growth of cells in prostate and cervical cancer.

12. Propolis May Lower Blood Pressure

Those with blood pressure problems know that nitric oxide is beyond important for a healthy heart. The inside lining of each and every blood vessel uses nitric oxide to motion to the adjacent muscles to relax, and results in an increased blood flow.

The reduction of the availability of nitric oxide plays a major role in the growth of high blood pressure. If you didn't have it, you'd have a heart attach. The enzyme Tyrosine Hydroxylase( TH) actually limits the bodies amount of nitric oxide.

A study was done on a group of rats and they were fed something to give them high blood pressure. This lasted for 15 days. During the last five days of the experiment the rats were also given propolis. The rats that received propolis had a decreased level of TH activity. This lead to the researchers suggesting that in the future propolis may help moderate blood pressure.

13. Propolis Can Help Treat Bone Disease

Scientists had investigated whether the CAPE compound found in propolis could benefit people suffering from osteolytic bone diseases. An amazing discovery was made, the compounds were very effective in the suppression of the compounds that cause bone disease. These finding even suggest that propolis should be investigated more because it might be able to be a potential treatment for osteoporosis.

14. Treats Allergies

Propolis being around pollen so much, has the ability to help calm seasonal allergies. A study was done where scientists gave propolis to rats for 14 days. The findings concluded that the propolis made a huge difference in the histamine release in the rats' bodies. Histamine makes you sneeze, have watery eyes, and a runny nose.

15. Propolis Boosts Cell Death for Prostate Cancer

For men prostate cancer is one of the more commonly diagnosed cancers. Scientists concluded that propolis improved the death of prostate cancer cells, and suggested that much more research be done in the field of propolis and prostate cancer.

16. Kills Colon Cancer Cells

Scientists exposed propolis to four distinct pathogens. Propolis showed a very strong antimicrobial activity. They then tested the propolis again colon cancer cells. The colon cancer cells started to die by a lack of blood supply! That was great news, as the healthy cells were unaffected. This is the opposite of chemotherapy and a huge win for the human race.

17. Propolis May Help Treat Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is usually caused by C. jejuni, Enterobacter faecalis, or Staphylococcus aureus. Scientists recently found that propolis inhibits the growth of above mentioned bacteria. They also mentioned that propolis is a good addition to the medical marvels we have now.

18. Heat Stress and Athletic Performance

Honestly, one of the main reasons that propolis has so many health benefits is because it is full of antioxidants. These antioxidants help protect athletes from overheating, and heat stress is one of the main factors relating to dehydration and fatigue during long sessions of exercise in heat.

Scientists took blood from 30 different cyclists that had endurance training for between two to four years prior to the test. The lead scientist said that CAPE most likely promotes athletic performance. This is one of the main reasons Magic Stuff A has propolis in it.

19. Propolis Improves Skin Health

The antimicrobial and antiviral benefits of propolis provide fantastic skincare care benefits. The benefits help people with acne, all the way to people suffering from a polluted environment. Propolis forms a wall full of all natural nutrients to nourish your skin. Even Cleopatra used it, after finding it was being used in the embalming process. Studies have shown the usefulness of propolis against skin tuberculosis alopecia, epidermophytosis, a variety of microbial and chronic eczemas, Trichophyton skin inflammation, burns, and psoriasis.