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Glossary of Magic Stuff Balms

Here you can find more information about the all-natural ingredients we use in our products

Aloe Vera: Grows wild in tropical climates. Found in many Magic Stuff products and is useful for healing burns, sunburns, and soothing the skin.

Amber: A fossilized tree resin that has been used since prehistoric times. Amber holds a strong connection to the sun and the earth. Amber is a natural purifier.

Arnica: Otherwise known as Bruisewort. Arnica is well known for healing injuries and bruises. A  must have in your first aid kit, or sports bag.

Avocado Butter: One of the secrets to beautiful and healthy skin. Avocado butter is rich in Vitamins A, D, and E. It also contains unsaturated fatty acids, and lecithin.


Beeswax: One of the most natural healing remedies for your skin. Full of fatty acids, and contains large quantities of hydroxypalmitate, palmitate, oleate esters, and palmitoleate. These agents blend together to make the perfect healing mixture for your skin. This is why you will find beeswax featured in almost every Magic Stuff product created.

Bee Propolis: Super abundant in beehives. Used to hold the structure together, and has been used as a healing agent since the time of Cleopatra. Click here to learn more about Bee Propolis.

Birch: The birch tree has been known as the giving tree. Birch helps heal skin issues, and has antiviral and antibacterial qualities.

Black Pepper: Aside from eating black pepper, it is extremely useful for healing. Contains manganese, iron, vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium.

Benzoin: Aids in the healing of sores and wounds while at the same time reducing irritation, redness, and itching.


Camphor: Protective against harmful chemicals and bacteria. Aids in the healing process.

Carrot Seed: Helps restore moisture that has been lost from the skin. Rich in vitamin A, vitamin E, and beta carotene.

Castor Oil: Has been around in the all natural healing world for a very long time. Wound, cuts, and bruises heal faster when castor oil has been applied.

Cayenne: The benefits of cayenne are numerous and very effective. When ingested it can help heal an upset stomach, slow intestinal gas, and stop pains in the stomach. Also effective in healing of the exterior of the body.

Chamomile: The healing properties of this plant actually come from its daisy like flowers. These flowers contain bisabolol, and matricin.

Cinnamon Leaf: Rich in phytonutrients. Has a spicy, warm, and musky smell. Cinnamon leaf has antibiotic, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, analgesic, antispasmodic, astringent, carminative, cardiac and other benefits.

Clove Bud: Helps hasten the healing process of cuts, wounds, bruises, and athletes foot. Can also be used to reduce acne.

Cocoa Butter: A natural moisturizer that has a melting point of room temperature so it is perfect for the skin. It contains cocoa mass polyphenol which transmits most of the healing properties.

Coconut: An exceptional healing agent. Is also used traditional medicine. Doesn’t remove antioxidants from the body, aids the immune system, relieves pain, and too many more to list.


Eucalyptus: Used to heal ulcers, wounds, cuts, bruises, burns, sores, and abrasions.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: A natural moisturizer. Great for diaper rash, just like Magic Stuff K. You can remove makeup with it as well as heal bug bites, sun burns, wounds, or rashes.


Foraha: Promotes the generation of new tissue, and helps the growth of healthy skin.

Frankincense: Used since ancient times. Has mention in the bible. May decrease the visibility of scars, as well as help heal wounds.


Galbanum: Encourages the grouping of leucocytes and platelets in a wound, thus causing a quickening of the healing process.

Ginger: Loaded with nutrients. Speeds up the healing process of fresh wounds.


Helichrsym: For use on the skin. Helps heal cuts and scrapes, as well as reduce scar tissue visibility.


Jojoba: Heals cuts quickly, and leaves your skin soft and smooth. Used in shaving creams, lotions, conditioners, shampoos, and many Magic Stuff products.

Juniper Berry: Has antiseptic qualities. Also helps when healing internal wounds, cuts, and ulcers.


Kukui Nut: Mainly found in Hawaii. Aids in the healing of sores, and has even been used by the ancient Hawaiians as a remedy to ailments in the mouth.


Labdanum: Also known as Rockrose. Has been used since the beginning of the bible as a heal-all.

Lantana: Has been used as an anti-venom. Also has use when applied to a wound ready to be healed in an antiseptic manner.

Laurel: Increases the positive energies present during the healing process. Also has immune boosting properties.

Lavender: Has been used for centuries to disinfect and treat all types of wounds, scrapes, and injuries.

Lemon: Detoxes your skin and body. Assists in rapid wound healing.

Litsea: One of the most unheard of essential oils. Helps regenerate skin and aids in the healing process.


Mango Butter: Helps heal and protect skin from damage caused from frostbite and sunburns. Excellent for the skin.

Menthol: One of the most effective natural pain relievers. The smell when you apply Vick’s Vapor Rub is attributed to menthol.

Mixed Tocopherols: Provides your body the nutrients it needs to heal itself naturally.

Myrrh: Protects wounds from infection and helps them heal faster. Used since biblical times.


Nutmeg: Long known in the natural healing world. Helps relieve pain, strengthen cognitive function, and soothe indigestion.


Oregano: Has anti fungal, and antiviral properties. Also can help with inflamed areas of the body.


Palmarosa: Health benefits can be awarded to its properties as an antiviral, antiseptic, digestive, bactericidal, and hydrating substance.

Peppermint: Helps with vomiting, nausea, morning sickness, gas, colds, and diarrhea.

Pink Grapefruit: Has a large concentration of lycopene, which gives it such a pink color. Used in Magic Stuff lip balms, and Magic Stuff skin balms.


Red Thyme: Is a safeguard to wounds because of its antiseptic qualities.

Rose: Has many healing properties. Such as: aphrodisiac, antidepressant, antiseptic, antiviral, astringent, laxative, and bactericidal.

Rose Geranium: Can be used as an antiseptic, antidepressant, and diuretic.

Rosemary: The main natural components of Rosemary are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic.

Rosemary Verbenone: Used as a stimulant, moisturizer, decongestant, and antidepressant.


Sandalwood: Has been used since biblical times. Benefits include: natural aphrodisiac, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral.

Sesame: An excellent source of manganese and copper.

Shea Butter: Beyond moisturizing. Also, can reduce the inflammation of critical areas.

Spearmint: Used for relief from nausea, and indigestion. As well as a general purpose all natural healing solution.

Sweet Almond: Has a large quantity of antioxidants.


Tea Tree: Has many useful attributes such as: antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, fungicide, expectorant, and insecticide.


Wheat Germ: Known as an anti-aging solution. Helps in the regeneration of muscles, stamina, and increases the healing speed for wounds.

Wintergreen: Originally used by the native americans for healing of the throat. Now it is used for a plethora of other healing services.